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What to bring shopping on Black Friday

If you’re going out shopping on Black Friday, you’ll want to remember that this is not a normal shopping day and that there are several things you want to bring with you when you go shopping!!  Start your Black Friday Checklist now and get everything you’ll need together in one place.  When the day actually comes and you’re headed out the door at midnight or 3am, you’ll be thankful you thought ahead.  And you’ll be even more thankful when you’re standing in line and cannot leave to go back home to pick up something you forgot!

black friday list


Here are the most important things to bring with you shopping on Black Friday:

1.  Cash and Credit cards.  Sounds obvious?  Trust me, the stress of leaving at midnight will cause you to forget your wallet.  Put it on your checklist!!

2.  Cell Phone.  Bring it, and be sure it’s charged!!

3.  Ads.  Think the store will have the ad that you can puruse when you get there?? Sure they will, but that’s time you’ll lose trying to find it, and then you also risk that they will be out of them! Don’t go without your Black Friday Ad!

4.  Gas.  Fill up the night before.  You don’t want to waste any time filling up in the middle of the night between stores!

5.  Snacks.  You are going to be up at very early hours and out in stores walking around looking for deals.  You’ll be tired and hungry, and on top of that there’s no time to stop at a restaurant – the best deals go fast! Bring a snack to eat on the go!!

6.  Water.  Yes, stay hydrated, it will improve your mood tremendously.

7.  A shopping pal.  It’s more fun to shop with someone.  Also, if you need to take a bathroom break they can hold your items or hold your place in line!

8.  Empty Trunk.  There’s nothing worse than going to your first store, buying a bunch of Thanksgiving deals, and then realizing you have no room for them in your car.  Make space in your trunk beforehand!

9. Map or GPS.  You think you know where you’re going, but if roads are closed or under construction, or if there’s tons of traffic you might be forced to try a new route – and the last thing you want is to get lost in the wee hours of the night on Black Friday!

10.  Comfortable Shoes.  There’s no need to get all dressed up.  You’re going to be beating the streets and going alot of walking – treat your feet with comfortable shoes!!


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