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Black Thursday replaces Black Friday

If the bigwigs have their way, Black Thursday replaces Black Friday this year!!    Stores and corporations are trying to do away with Black Friday.  Why? Because they want Black Thursday.  What is the proof?  This year more stores than ever will be opening on Thursday, November 25 – aka Thanksgiving

black thursday
black thursday

Check out the list of Black Thursday and Black Friday store hours.

The store openings are changing for a multitude of reasons, among them:

#1.  MONEY / GREED – by creating Black Thursday to replace Black Friday they do not lose one single shopping day.  If they can be open when other stores are closed, they think they will make more money!  Why wait until Friday to “go into the black” when they can do it on Thursday?

#2.  DO AWAY WITH TRADITION – Many of the country’s elite think that no day should be any more special than any other day, because that would give extra preference to one group, religion, belief, or idea.  They believe this is not politically correct.

#3.  COMPETITION / EGO – Each store / coroporation wants to compete against their neighbor – to do this they need to offer something the other doesn’t have…what can they offer here?  Thursday store hours.

We enjoy Cyber Monday.  We love Black Friday.  Will Black Thursday stick?  Many, many people have voiced against the change.  Facebook groups are springing up, online petitions are garnering thousands of votes against it, bloggers are voicing their disgust, and people are speaking up.  If you listen to the corporations however, they make it sound as if those are the minority of people.  Don’t let those claims fool you.  People do not want Black Thursday.  People want Thanksgiving maintained as a day of thanks and rest without having to work, shop, and stress.  Don’t give up because you feel like you’re alone!! Stop Black Thursday!!


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