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Black Friday Shopping Tips

While some people think that shopping on Black Friday is fun, it is definitely not the easiest shopping day of the year – crowds of people, waking up at very early hours of the morning, and dealing with store clerks that are rushed and short of patience is bound to have a toll on your general mood and outlook on the day.

Here are some Black Friday Shopping Tips to get you through the day after Thanksgiving!
black friday checklist
1. Commitment.  Remember, lines are going to be long, and tons of people are going to be out with you each of them competing against you for those Hot Bargain Day-After-Thanksgiving sales.  If you see your item is not on the shelf, or if you get to the store and see a long line ahead of you, don’t give up!! You must stay committed to the cause!!  If you stay committed you’re likely to find that last product stuck in the back of the shelf, or realize that you weren’t too far back in the line after all.  DONT GIVE UP!!

2.  Patience.  Remember, there are going to be HOARDS of people out shopping with you.  When people are after bargains they are going to be rude, curt, and sometimes uncivilizeed.  Don’t let those attitudes get to you! Have patience!! You cannot stoop to someone else’s level just because they can’t handle the stress of Black Friday Shopping!

3.  Speed.  Remember all those people standing in line? Many of them will be literally running to the same product as you.  You need to be familiar with the store you’re going to and where your product will be stocked.  Go straight to the location, do not get sidetracked!

4.  Courage.  Remember, Black Friday Shopping is not for the weak of heart! Crowds, stress, and traffic can all get to you! Bring your courage with you and you WILL survive the day with a GREAT Thanksgiving deal!!

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