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Is Gravy holding up your Thanksgiving Dinner? Here’s the solution!

Thanksgiving gravy.

It is one of the most essential parts of any Thanksgiving meal – and let’s face it, the meal would not be compelte without it!  The problem is that the gravy cannot be made until the turkey is done because as any Thanksgiving chef will tell you, a good homemade gravy requires turkey drippings, giblets, and juices! All these tasty goodies come from the turkey after it’s done roasting and is pulled out of the oven.  But therein lies the problem! Waiting to make the gravy until the turkey comes out of the oven is problematic – sides start getting cold, turkey starts to cool off, and tempers start to flare as dinner is put on hold waiting for that last – but ever-so-important part of the meal! The gravy!

So what do you do? How do you keep the gravy from holding up the whole Thanksgiving dinner?

The solution:  A second turkey.

Yes, you heard that right – a second turkey.

I know, I know…the first time I heard this, I too was a bit shocked.  A second turkey?! But for anyone looking to make a tasty homemade gravy for Thanksgiving dinner – and does not want to have dinner held up waiting on the gravy to be made – the answer is a second turkey.  And it’s a bit simpler thank you might at first imagine.  Here’s what you do.

Buy your wonderful turkey for Thanksgiving day as you usually would.  At the same time however, you’ll want to look for the smallest cheapest turkey you can find.  This will be your second turkey which you use strictly for gravy.  A couple of days before Thanksgiving, roast the second “gravy” turkey.  Separate the meat and freeze it for a rainy day later in the year – you wont be eating this turkey soon.  You’ve made this turkey for one – and only one – reason – gravy!! Now that your second turkey is roasted, and the meat is safely saved away for later, use everything that you need to make the turkey – giblets, drippings, juices – they should all be at your disposal!  In short order your gravy will be ready!

There you have it – homemade gravy made just the way you love it, and no holdup on the meal while the gravy is being made!

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