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Thanksgiving Flag

Decorating for thanksgiving can include turkeys, fall fruits, fall colors and a Thanksgiving Flag! Flags are especially good if you are not the kind of person that has all kinds of decorations in boxes that you take out year after year.

Why get a Thanksgiving Flag?

  • If you don’t have alot of space to store decorations, flags are a simple solution – they are space savers, rolling up to fit in a very small space!
  • They are pretty and decorative. You can find flags in all kinds of colors and designs – if you want something a little more playful or comical, or if you want a more serious design – both types of flags are available.
  • Flags are good for both inside and outside! You can display them on the front of your house next to your front door, or stick them in the ground. Prefer some inside decorations? They can easily be placed almost anywhere inside!

Types of Turkey-Day Flags:

Well, there are all types – cloth, vinyl, outdoors, indoors, expensive, and inexpensive – the choices are practically limitless! Here are a few photos of flags to get you started in your selection…

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