One of the top honors at the Thanksgiving table is carving the Turkey!  There are a few different methods that you can employ when carving the turkey.  Here is a fairly simple turkey carving method that works for almost everyone regardless of your experience.

Steps to carve a turkey

Step 1.   The turkey should be allowed to rest at least 15 minutes after it comes out of the oven before it is carved. Be sure you have a properly sharpened knife for the next steps!

Step 2.  The drumsticks should be the first thing you remove.  Simply stick your knife against the thigh, separating the drumstick from the main body of the bird at the joint.

Step 3.  Slice open the neck cavity to remove any stuffing you have inside the bird.  Remove the stuffing if there is any!

Step 4.  Slice the thigh meet from the bone.

Step 5.  Start at the bottom of the turkey breast and slice horizontal pieces of chicken breast off the bird.  Slice top down alongside the ribcage.

Step 6
.  Display your meat on a serving platter and you’re done!

Still not sure how to carve a turkey and prefer to see it done?  Check out one of these videos!


And here’s another carving video to check out…

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