Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year – it is the day that retailers go into the black.  Be prepared for tons of good black friday sales – both in-store and online this 2011!

When to start looking for online deals?
The online deals will get started very early in the morning – plan on being online at 2am Eastern Standard Time on Thanksgiving Day!

How long do the deals last?

Many online deals are for a limited time (few hours) while others will last all weekend.  In almost all cases however, the best sales will be gone very very quickly.  An extraordinary deal can sell-out within the fist 15 minutes it is posted.  Other deals are gone within a few hours.  If it’s clothese you’re searching for most of the small and medium sizes will be gone within  a couple of hours.  The rule of thumb therefore is to plan on being up and onlibe as soon as the black friday deals start.  If you really want that big screen tv or iphone, at a great price, it will be worth it!

black friday

Why should I shop black friday deals online and not go to the store?
The number one reason for this is convenience. You can stay at home and shop super discounts right from the comfort of your living room or den. Don’t want to wake up at 3am and drive to a store for the deal? Yeah, didn’t think so! Another reason are “special online only” deals. Retailers like to do this – only offering some extra discounts online – keep an eye out for these specials!

What if I miss Black Friday?

If you miss out on the Black Friday deals for whatever reason, don’t despair, there is another day dedicated to online Thanksgiving day deals and it’s called “Cyber Monday”. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving, a day dedicated almost exclusively to special online discounts – some of these can be as good, or better than the Black Friday deals! Look for specials like free shipping, extra percentages off, and next day deliveries.

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